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what is kratom and where can you buy it?

Kratom leaves

What is kratom and where can you buy it

This seems to be a common question you see everywhere online, on social media and in blog posts.

Kratom or more formally known as Mitragyna Speciosa is a tree that grows wild and farmed in southeast Asia. Traditionally the locals used to just chew the kratom leaf. They would also use it as a kratom tea. It would be like coffee is today in the US. You would get up and get ready for work and grab your tea before a long day.

Kratom is an evergreen tree in the coffee family known as Rubiaceae. It is said to help with chronic pain and fatigue

The locals lived off the land and use what God provided them for their health and well being. In the US this modern age of being able to synthesize chemicals a lot of people just forgot or just don't know how many herbal products are available. Some say it is there God given right to have access to these natural herbal products.

There are various forms of Kratom powder. Usually distinguished from each other based on their coloration, starting place and in addition to their precise motive and effectiveness. Sometimes even the drying method that is preformed and whether the leaves were pick early or more mature. This is were you get the kratom strain names and vein colors.

Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom) being a herb that grows in warmer humid areas makes is harder to attain. Mainly for the buyers living inside the United States and Western Europe. Kratom comes from the opposite side of the globe in Indonesia and even then the tree grows in remote locations usually in the forest. 

There is truly no shortage of hurdles and problems buying kratom internationally. Many challenges face importers that sell kratom as the FDA has put it on there import alert list. Thus detaining kratom packages saying it is not a dietary supplement or a food product. They have also tried to convince the DEA to ban it, as it's the devil! There evidence? Spiked kratom products laced with synthetic drugs.

Every single case the FDA said was because of kratom has been dis proven by the American Kratom Association.

The downturn in pharma profits for additive opioid prescriptions and popularity of a natural herbal alternative like kratom caused the FDA to act fast to preserve there funding revenue. It is estimate 11.4 Million US citizens misuse FDA approved opioid prescriptions as estimated by 130 people DIE everyday from opioid related deaths. If you are sick to your stomach you should be by reading that.

Unfortunately since the FDA won't recognize kratom as generally safe or as a new dietary ingredient that means they are not enforcing the standard of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) like any supplement company would have to follow. However there are high quality kratom online vendors like The Kratom Syndicate and others that have set high standards in place like lab testing and GMP.

At TKS we offer the highest quality kratom powder and kratom capsules. Offering quality products at great prices. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. We have a live help desk right on the site and always recommend those new to kratom to look into our sample packs to get a variety of kratom powders.

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