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Red MitraX Bag

Red MitraX

Red Queen kratom bag

Red Queen

99% of 100

Natural Kratom extract

Made from 100% red kapuas. 60:1, starting material is powdered leaf. 

100% Natural still, nothing added. 7-HO is 0.033% and MIT is over 3% well within the natural occurring spectrum reducing the leaf. 7-hydroxymitragynine is less than two percent of the alkaloid composition of the kratom leaf. Label shows alkaloid percentages. Buy Kratom Extract at a great price. 

Each QTY is 12.5 grams

was $25.00 Special Price $18.00
Kratom 60:1 - 12.5 grams
Natural Kratom Reduction Extract 60:1 is available to buy in increments of 1
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  1. Verified Buyer

    Best extract i 0 people found this helpful
    Overall experience

    One of my favorites for years has been consistent always. I have never been disappointed by this product. Must try.
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  2. Verified Buyer

    Amazing! 0 people found this helpful
    Overall experience

    First time trying this product. Just when I thought I’ve tried the best from TKS I’m blown away with every new product I try, especially this one! A very little goes a very long way!
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    Great energy, kicks in fast and lasts long!

    No disadvantages!

  3. Verified Buyer

    Extract 60:1 0 people found this helpful
    Overall experience

    There is no such thing, as better kratom then what comes from the magical lab of TKS. THIS EXTRACT is by far the best on the market. I add . 5 gram to my afternoon dose, and 1 gram to my evening dose. If your looking for extract, you've come to the right place. Wayne, the main man at TKS, is one of the coolest, nicest guys I've ever encountered. I get excited when I place my orders. Thank you Wayne, also thank you Bill. Take care guys. Talk to you on my next order
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    Great pain relief, with a amazing mood.


  4. Verified Buyer

    Extract 1 people found this helpful
    Overall experience

    This is by far the cleanest and strongest extract i ever had. I take about 1/2 gram capsule with my small dose of Kratom every 6 hours and i've been doing this since 2015. It has changed my life. The Kratom Syndicate isn't playing around....they take this seriously and are by far the best Kratom company in the business. Thank you all for everything.
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    Pain free

  5. Verified Buyer

    Very strong. Dose low 0 people found this helpful
    Overall experience

    This is probably the strongest extract I’ve ever had. So I recommend dosing quite low; around the size of a pea on a teaspoon added to your leaf is going to be enough. I’ve got 4 years of Kratom experience and I dose around 30 grams every other day one time and even I find this to be strong. So this is a pretty incredible value at $18 for 12.5 grams. But seriously, it should come with a warning on it for its potency. Take less than you think you need.
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    Potency, Value, Texture, Aroma


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