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How to Pay?

What payment to use?

We are going to explain some of the payment options available at TKS. Some of these options are new to customers and using for the first time can seems intimidating or to involved to use but like with everything once you do it the first time they are really quite simple and nice to have other options for paying friends and merchants online.

Some of the payment methods we prefer and offer a little discount to encourage their use. We prefer them because they don't charge high fees like credit cards which take up to 15% of the total just to process. Some you might not be able to instantly sign up and send funds maybe they require a few days to get your account approved or maybe they just won't work with your card or bank but we have many options listed and these are very popular now for sending money online. If unsure about them just open google and do a search.

Below is a list that is subject to change or you might not see all of them in checkout. Please remember to always finish the order in checkout so we get it on our end and you get an order conformation email with all the details. 

1. Zelle 

This is by far one of the best ways to pay becasue they don't charge any fees and the payment is secure for both party's. Most major banks use Zelle now in the online checking as an options to send money. Below is a

quick video that explains how to sign up and send money. If you don't have Zelle already in your online banking ( either app on phone or when you sign in on your web browser online ) then you can easily just download

the Zelle app. Iphone App or Google Play store 


If you pick Zelle in checkout the Zelle payment email is listed. You can enter it right before hitting the place order button or after the order but please make sure you finish checkout so we get the order and you will get an

order conformation email with all your order details including the payment email and instructions on it. Just send your order total to our payment email that is listed ( not the website email ). Please remember the payment email can change so always check the current one listed in checkout. 

2. Bitcoin 

For BITCOIN you need to be a little bit tech / internet savy. Here is one of the big wallet services for bitcoin. If unfamiliar is best to watch youtube videos of setting up and buying bitcoin with coinbase.

Some very easy to understand videos are out there. You can also take a look at our Using Bitcoin Page here:

The most cost effective method is to sign up at coinbase ahead of time and get verified, purchase bitcoin and keep in your wallet till your ready to order. 


 3.  Cash In Mail (CIM)

This one is pretty self explanatory but you select Cash in Mail at checkout the details are listed under it, the address to send the cash to and we encourage you to get tracking and a signature if you like. If you can leave just your order # in the envelope it will help us know for what order. Tracking so you can track it yourself and see where it's at and when we get it. Once the payment comes in we invoice and email you and then ship the order. 

4. Money Order

In checkout the address is listed for where to send the money order. It will also be on your order conformation email all the payment details. Add a note your order # in the envelope. Once we receive will invoice email you we received and ship. 

5. Cash App 

The name is a bit deceiving as they would like you to download their app however in a web browser you can just go to the link we post either in checkout or email you after checkout to pay. It is a custom page that is just for us, it allows you to directly enter your debit card ( not a prepaid those don't work ). We have been told it seems sketchy and that is only because it is so simple.

The page is just a spot to enter card info and that's it. Once a payment is made we get an email from them and will invoice and ship the order. Please no comments on the cash me page we always know who the payment is from and the order. The exact order amount sent is always an indicator of the order and never once had an issue with not knowing which order it was for. So rest assured. 

6. Echeck

Echeck is just like a regular check but done electronically and with some fraud tools in place. You enter you acct and routing number and bank name. The Billing and Shipping address must match what is on the Bank account info. Unfortunately if it doesn't we have to cancel the order. Echeck is a slow process and if your ok waiting then this is a good payment method for you. Normally depending on when it is "batched" with the echeck company can be between 3-7 days. Once the echeck process is started it is out of our hands and couldn't cancel if we wanted to. Once the funds come in we are notified and will invoice and ship the order. 

7. COD  ( cash on delivery )

The COD option has a fee attached to it as usps charges based on size and how much they collect. This ranges between $12 - $20. We charge a flat $10 fee for using this option. When the package gets delivered the mail person is supposed to collect cash for the package then hand it to you. So this requires someone to be area at time of delivery. Our tracking updates will keep you in the loop and know when it will arrive. If they attempt to deliver and no one is home you can always go to the local post office and pick it up and pay. Once you pay they mail us a money order which can take 2-4 weeks later. We only like one COD at a time to be outstanding as we do lose payments from time to time from this option as believe it or not the postal system doesn't always do their job. 

8. Google Pay

This is googles payment option. You sign up for google pay account, add a bank or debit card and can send and receive funds. When you select this option after the order and during normal business hours we will mail you a google pay request for payment to your email. If no separate google pay email is listed we just use your account email you sign up with us. If your google pay email is different please list it in the comments box at checkout. Once paid we get an email from google pay and will invoice and ship the order. 

9. Pop Money  

Popmoney allows for you to add a bank or debit card and send funds. The bank method does it by ACH and the debit method is faster. If you are new to popmoney they might need extra time to verify you to send funds. All legit payment processors do this know as "know your customer" KYC. By law any financial company has to follow to prevent terrorist and money laundering. Pretty standard stuff but it is not always instant. They only charge us about .95 cents per transaction so it is pretty decent. In checkout select popmoney and we will send you a popmoney payment request to your account email unless another is listed in checkout. This process can take a few days and once paid we will invoice and ship. 

10.  Circle Pay

You sign up with circle pay by downloading their app on apple or google play. Once you do you can add a debit card and begin sending and receiving funds. In checkout our circle pay email is listed. You just enter that in the app and send your order total to us. We get an email when it comes in and will invoice and ship the order. There is a starter limit on circle pay of $400 a week so just keep an eye on that. 

11. Western Union

Western Union allows anyone to sends funds to most places in the world. You would find a local WU location near you HERE IS THE LINK. Once you pick WU in checkout and place the order we will email you the WU details, during regular business hours, to send funds to. Once you go down to the location and give them cash they will transfer to the receivers name to pick up. They do charge a fee for doing this and the slower method is always cheaper. Slower method is funds will be ready for us to pick up next day. They have an online options but we do not recommend you trying to sign up online and do it that way, they almost always put a hold and its a hassle.

Once you send you will be given a MTCN number on the receipt, that is the number we need along with senders full name and city sent from in order to pick up funds. Once we pick them up we will email you and invoice and ship the order. 

12. Credit Card in shopping cart 

This method is not always available as the industry we are in is considered "high risk" and is not easy to get and keep. If it is in checkout then it is available. If it is not then we don't have it, we get customers emailing saying they want to pay with credit card over the phone, if it's not in checkout then that is not possible. That is why we have over 10 other payment methods. If we do have it know they charge anywhere from 10% - 15% transactions fees just to process a credit card in checkout. You are more than welcome to use any method you see in checkout however our preference is always Zelle, Cash in mail, Money Order or Bitcoin. We are able

to keep the prices down and offer discounts on those methods to encourage their use by not being charged outrages fees by "middlemen" who feel the need to take their cut for doing nothing more than having you pay us. Most trust online now is done by reviews if you look at ebay, amazon or other online market places. If you are concerned about your payment and don't feel comfortable because it's your first purchase and you haven't ordered before we encourage you to look on youtube or our facebook page and on our site for the reviews left.