Tutorial for paying with a bank account

We are going to explain how this process works and the steps needed to successfully complete a transaction in checkout.


You have two choices when paying by bank account


  • Integrated - Integrated banks allow the customer to log in to their bank account using their credentials and select the account they want to pay with. The selected account is used to gather the account number, routing number, and address information to create the transaction. The customer can verify the address before submitting the payment.


  • Non-integrated - Non-integrated banks require the customer to input the routing number and account number they want to use to make the payment. The customer is also required to provide their address.


Once you select the bank payment method you will be presented with a screen to select your Bank.

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The secure encrypted tunnel interface will show up.

Bank Selection Screen

Select your bank. If you don't see your bank you can search for it. Then press NEXT.


Enter bank login or manually next account info


You can then sign in to your bank to make payment.

** For vetted customers** You can also manually enter payment details by selecting manually enter account. Doing the manually entry there will be a slight delay on shipping your order.

Once you login just like you normally would with online banking you will be able to select which account to make payment with. 


Complete payment process


After making payment you will complete checkout and have an order number. You can view your order in your "My Account" settings.


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about this secure payment method please visit Connexus Secure