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Payment and Shipping Information

USPS shipping


Are processed and shipped out normally within 2 days after payment has been received. We try and ship same day but do not guarantee it. Sign into your Account to always find the current Status of your order. Under "My Account" then "My Orders"

HOLD = Waiting on payment. PENDING = Just ordered or waiting on payment. PROCESSING = Have payment, order is invoiced and inline to be shipped. COMPLETE = Order is Paid and Shipped.

Please keep an eye on the top banner for up to date info and announcements.



One of the hardest things in this industry to provide customers! The options shown in checkout are what is available. Some options disappear once a certain amount $$ has been reached. Customers that are repeat we bump to another customer group and offer more payment options. New customers we obviously have to protect ourselves from getting scammed ( which has happen many times in the past ). This is the industry we are in and is considered high risk to most payment processors and most won't even touch Kratom processing. This is also why we ask you to be as discreet as possible. This is a transaction between TKS and you, 3rd party processors don't need to know our business. 

Zelle is the preferred Method of payment.

For BITCOIN here is one of the big wallet services. www.coinbase.com  If unfamiliar is best to watch youtube videos of setting up and buying bitcoin with coinbase. Some very easy to understand videos are out there. 

You can also purchase bitcoin at these sites



Buying bitcoin from a few sites. Here is a guide. 

The most cost effective method is to sign up at coinbase ahead of time and get verified, purchase bitcoin and keep in your wallet till your ready to order. 


Payment methods show in checkout are always current they are not listed here as they can change at anytime.



We ship usps First Class or Priority mail. If the package is small under 14 oz's it will normally go First Class if under $50, if it's over it will go Priority mail. We also always offer the option for usps priority over $50 also. 

Once your order ships you will receive a shipment email. After that our aftership program will update you every step of the way as long as your email provided does flag them as spam.

The time frame for the shipment method you selected will begin when the carrier picks it up for delivery. 


Discreet Shipping

Your order is discreetly shipped in an unmarked package with the address of TKS. Nowhere will it say what you purchased. TKS is the name on the return address.



As of right now all sales are final. You can return a product within 10 days of placing your order. You must contact us first for approval as the return can not be guaranteed. If approved to return we will send you a replacement product only of equal value. The return product we received is always destroyed for safety. We can not resale it. We always recommend a sample pack to test strains before buying a large amount of one strain. Kratom is so subjective, everyone is different, and many factors play into Kratom usage. Metabolism, Sleep, Hydration, Eating before or After, Take it and lay around vs Up and Moving, So many factors come into play. 

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction if you are not happy please contact us.

If you need to contact us the fastest way is by email sales @ thekratomsyndicate.com or the help desk on the site during business hours.