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Kratom Strains for Newbies

Kratom leaf

First time trying Kratom? Our beginners guide to Kratom.

Below are a few options when starting out. Also known by its formal name mitragyna speciosa which is a tree from southeast asia.

We normally recommend a sample pack to try a few strains before taking the plunge on a larger purchase. This allows you to try a bunch of products in smaller quantities first.

It is one of those herbs that is very subjective and everyone is different when it comes to strains of kratom. Typically you with see red veins having a stronger effect and whites being more energizing. Green veins are in the middle. However like most things it is dose dependent.

We recommend getting at least one of each and a Maeng Da is a good place to start. The 3 strain sampler with work perfect for this. If you are looking to sample more than 3 then try our 5 strain sample pack.

You can read thru reviews of other kratom users to get an idea of the effects of kratom and what other customers appreciate about these kratom products and see if it lines up with what you are after. Our other strains are purchased on a regular basis and effective but looking for the strains that agree with you the best can be a process of testing a few and finding the right sweet spot.

We also offer kratom extracts which are a condensed form of the kratom powder. Normally extract is added to plain leaf to reduce the kratom dosage. This makes it easier to use less powder.

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