Why can't we just use a debit card I don't use any of the payment options offered

Visa and Mastercard have banned kratom vendors from using their service ( all credit cards) going on 2 years now. Most new customers don't realize this and are confused why they don't see it at checkout. This is a very common question.

We do take Visa and Mastercard thru 3rd party providers if they are shown in checkout. You have to sign up with them and select the payment at checkout. BRAND NEW CUSTOMERS DON'T SEE ALL THE PAYMENT OPTIONS.

Long version below

Please support the kratom industry by paying in a way that helps all vendors, not just us. Anyone who specializes in kratom has this issue. One day we may have it and the next we may not, we have had workarounds for this for the last few years but unfortunately all these processors are connected with a system to verify Business name or tax id, social security number, ect.. (it's called MATCH btw). You can only get dropped so many times until you are on everyone's radar when they are looking to approve you after applying. If you say well the local smoke shop takes credit cards and they sell kratom, yes but they sell other products that are ok and that is how they get approved if there processor finds out they are dropped.

We have had credit card options over 10 different times in the past, every time it only takes one scammer or someone using a stolen card or someone mentioning what they bought when confused about a charge on their statement and that's it, your payouts are stopped instantly and they hold your funds for 180 days minimum if not stealing them all together, yes that is what happens. Why would we want to keep dealing with that? especially when there are so many cheap, some are free ( Zelle), options to send funds and many online business in every industry are starting to take them now. 

If we are able to get credit card processing the high risk fees are insane. 20%+ and outrageous monthly charges and they hold a reserve! Most hold between $25,000 to $100,000 reserve, that means every transaction they take an additional % on top of everything else to go to the reserve amount. Guess what happens when you have that much money in a reserve built up and they find out you are selling kratom? You broke the Terms of the contract and kiss all of it good bye! I know no one likes working for free and being stolen from. I have seen customers flip out over a $25 order being 1 day late in the mail, can you imagine losing $100,000 because a new customer came to your website and used a stolen credit card or used a family members card and weren't supposed to? Something that is 100% out of your control, just because you wanted a few extras sales for those not willing to learn a new simple app or pay another way? ( almost anyone can mail a money order or send cash in mail or western union if they wanted to). So let me ask you would you take credit cards in this industry? and paypal is even worse, after half a dozens dropped paypal accounts and you never get your funds back. Anyone doing any sort of volume in sales doesn't take paypal for any length of time.

Short version

We have between 6-10 different payment methods. Once you are a repeat customer other options to pay open up. NEW customers don't see all the options to protect us from being scammed. (which has happened many times in the past and why you don't see credit cards now)

Horror stories http://entheology.com/news-articles/mastercard-destroys-lives-over-kratom/

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