How does COD work?
If you chose COD at checkout we will ship your order to the address provided. The postal employee will deliver your mail like normal however they will come to your door to collect the cash and give you the package. You must be home at the time of delivery. If it ships to a PO Box then you just pay at the counter to get your package. 
Do you take Visa and Mastercard?
Visa and Mastercard have banned kratom vendors from using their service ( all credit cards). Most new customers don't realize this and are confused why they don't see it at checkout. This is a very common question.  We have between 6-10 different...
I ordered but never got an email with payment details yet
Two things have happened.  Your email has blocked ours and our email is in your spam folder or blocked by your email provider all together  and / or It is after business hours and we haven't seen your order yet and emailed you the payment...
Why is order on HOLD?
We are waiting on payment or haven't seen the paid payment yet due to business hours or large order qty's coming in.  If your order is on hold more than 5 days waiting for payment it will be automatically cancelled ( except waiting on money orders...
do you take paypal?
Anyone accepting payments from paypal is just asking for thier funds to be stolen. They take your paypal balance for 180 days and good luck getting that back, been down the road 4 times in the past.  No we don't accept paypal as they do not allow...
What method of payments do you offer?
The payment methods listed in checkout are always current. Please log in and take a look in checkout.
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