My order shipped where the heck is my order!

We do not have any control over the post office. Once we drop a package off it is out of our hands. Once a package is shipped and dropped off you get a shipment email. ( didn't get it log into your account and look under your current order for all details on that order).

That is why we offer our after ship program to keep you informed about what's going on. If your package doesn't move for a day or two it doesn't mean you will never get it. Please be patient and remember we got it in the mail on time, we are not to blame if it's late or missing. 

We get emails blaming us for tracking not moving at least a few times a month. If a package hasn't moved for longer than 7 days contact us and let us know it's been 7 days. We want you to get your package and update all the way to your door but we have ZERO control over it after it leaves our hands. It's sucks, we know but what can we or you do? You can call the post office but that will get you nowhere. Trust us, it's a waste of time. They just miss place packages during the millions of packages they move a day sometimes. If after 7 days please contact us. Thank you. 

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