I paid by echeck and my order is still on hold and hasn't shipped

ECheck takes up to 7 business days to complete. You may have had funds removed from your account but we ship once funds have been deposited into our account.

As soon as we have funds we will ship. Now if this is your first Echeck we normally wait the full amount of time, however if you are a repeat customer that uses Echeck we normally but not always will ship sooner.

Please remember you agreed to the full wait time when you placed the order, this was explained in the payment details and should not be a suprise. 

**Please note: If you order after 6am PST then the echeck doesn't get "batched" till the next day. We use green money echeck processing, this is thier policy not our timeframe. Also if you order with echeck after Friday at 6am PST then it gets processed on Monday and that is when the time starts. 
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