How does COD work?

If you chose COD at checkout we will ship your order to the address provided. The postal employee will deliver your mail like normal however they will come to your door to collect the cash and give you the package. You must be home at the time of delivery. If it ships to a PO Box then you just pay at the counter to get your package. 

USPS charges a fee to ship the COD package. I varies between $8-$20 depending on the amount they are collecting. We basically only charge a flat fee to use COD. When you hand them the cash for your order USPS turns that into a postal money order and sends it to us. They charge $1.20 for the money order. We normally round down to the nearest whole dollar so you don't have to hand them change. 

When the order ships we email you the amount needed to pay the postal employee and also an ETA. They don't carry change so the amount needs to be exact. The ETA can change but we send you the tracking number and also provide shipping updates with our aftership program.

Please if you chose this method then understand what is involved. If they return the package to us, we lose the cost of shipping and can't get that refunded which is around $13-$25. If we have a returned COD then you won't be able to order COD again and we will need the cost of the shipping paid in order to send you another order. If new to COD we normal wait till the first COD is paid before sending out another COD. The post office can take between 2-3 weeks once package is delivered and we received a COD payment from them. Thank you. 

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