Hello I usually take powder, but will be traveling and capsules would be easier. How do these capsules equate to powders, for example how many capsules equal a tsp of Red Lady or Signature Series Green Vein?

Casules are 500mg's of powder, so 2 capsules would be 1 gram of powder, tsp's are a different measurement, but an approx would be 2-3 grams of powder in a tsp, so that would be 4-6 capsules. This is for plain leaf powder, if they are exact or blended capsules they will be stronger, on the package it says how much to take. Start low and adjust as needed.

Remember the suggested serving is listed on the bottle of capsules. Read this on our help desk to better understand what Mit %'s mean.  https://thekratomsyndicate.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/7646094735124-What-do-the-MIT-mean-How-do-I-know-how-much-Mitragynine-is-in-a-product-

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