Green Vein Questions

How to whitelist our TKS email

If you are not getting our emails and use gmail or another email provider. Whitelist us so gmail doesn't block our emails. Very simple process to insure you get out emails. sales @ Spaces left out so spam bots don't get it.&nbsp...

Do you offer free samples?

We try if requested in the comments box during checkout to add a few samples of kratom to your order. Please let us know what you want. We get comments like "let me try something I haven't had before". We have no clue and can't go thru all the old orders...

How do we contact you?

You can use the chat box on the bottom of the site or email us by submitting a ticket. Please don't email us from a aol, hotmail or yahoo email...

My order shows either HOLD, PENDING or PROCESSING what does that mean?


How long is Kratom good for?

Each product has an expiration date on it. Kratom is typically good for many years however we have to go off our label claims and the expiration date that is listed on it. Which is 2 years from the date of manufacture. 

why does red bali say $14 for 4oz but when i add it to my cart is says $30??

You can view a small video showings Larger sizes are PLUS + $ what is shown. Base price is 4oz then + $ additional for the larger size. Just look at the main Price it updates as you select larger sizes. Try to watch it in full view.

How many mg's are in each 00 capsule? Do you guys plan on offering 000 caps in the future?

Each capsule is 500 mg's. We are only doing the 00 size because most people find the 000 size to hard to swallow. It's easier to take 1 or 2 extra then to choke down a huge horse pill.

Notify me please when a product is available

Hi, We have just a feature on the site. All you have to do is visit the strain page and add your email in where it says Subscribe to back in stock notification. It is called in stock alerts. When we put it back in stock you get an email automatically...

Will your kratom come labeled with exact percentages for each batch with the Mitragynine and 7-HO?

It is never exact in a natural product that is why the ranges are there to cover variations, but anyone can request a copy of the lots COA. Also depends on the lab that preforms the test, even with the exact same product every lab is not 100% exact on...

Can you carry Kratom with you on a plane?

Kratom is legal in most states, the best thing to do is check the kratom legal map here As far as traveling to other countries you would need to check with the country current status of kratom by googling...

Are you always looking for new strains to offer?

We used to and have nailed down good strains but No not anymore. Many reasons why but mainly the FDA has been seizing shipments left and right, so all those multi strain kilo samplers that would come in to test are no longer making it. They are on an...

Do you offer split kilos?

We do not offer "split kilos". We have sizes 30g, 125g, 250g, 500g and 1kg sizes. All Sizes are located here. The kilos are located in a seperate catagory.

Will there ever be a guide for casual users? Like how much to do?

Yes when the FDA treats it as a supplement, which they are actively seizing imports and going after companies giving advice about effects and claims. So it wont happen from us until we are free to discuss it more. Fortunately there are many groups and...

If you don't sell a specific type will you special order?

 I wish we had the import freedoms to do something like that things are very tough right now. Back in the day getting different samples in to test products( that specific strain) from many vendors wasn't an issue, that (specific strain) find the...

Out of stock product

We have just a feature on the site. All you have to do is visit the page and add your email in where it says Subscribe to back in stock notification. It is called in stock alerts. When we put it back in stock you get an email automatically.

Is TKS the only GMP vendor to carry extract?

Most likely not. Good question

Which of the red veins have you been told is the strongest and most effective for pain?

All the products are sold as a botanical specimen only as they are not FDA Approved. Having said that you sould look at the reviews to get an idea from others on a specific product. 

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