General Questions

How can I pay for my order?

A few options are : Echeck, Mail a money order or cashiers check, Cash in mail is popular, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and other options shown for repeat customers. 

How do I know your products are safe and clean?

Superior Quality & GMPs We are a cGMP compliant supplement manufacture following all the FDA 21 CFR 111 guidelines. This means current good manufacturing practices. We work with cGMP compliant suppliers in Indonesia and have qualified them thru...

Do you lab test your kratom for contaminants?

Yes. We lab test our products for safety. We use a few accredited labs for testing.

Good morning, When do you expect the Super MD to be back in stock?

Hopefully soon unfortunately customs is backed up with the gov shutdown so shipping has slowed from Indonesia. I would estimate 3-5 weeks. The green j/k is very similar. Thanks TKS

How do I use a Coupon code, Store credit or Rewards points?

(1) To use a Gift Card that you purchased or received you can enter it into the shopping cart gift card claim box. If you plan on holding on to it the best thing to do to keep track of one or many gift cards is to enter the gift card claim...

Is there any way to order stem and vein in capsules? If so, I’m ready to order! Thanks

Hi not at this point.

How many grams are in the 4oz bag?

113 grams

Do you do quality testing for mitraginine and 7-hidroxymitraginine?

Hi yes we do test for MIT and 7-HO on all the kratom we have. Please contact us if you are requesting a COA. Please have your order # and email you used for your purchase handy.

Will your kratom come labeled with exact percentages for each batch with the Mitragynine and 7-HO?

It is never exact in a natural product that is why the ranges are there to cover variations, but anyone can request a copy of the lots COA. Also depends on the lab that preforms the test, even with the exact same product every lab is not 100% exact on...

Is there a different way I can see the reviews? I click on reviews and nothing comes up.

<p>They are protected by captcha the anti bot protection. Most likely it is the browser or ip on your device causing them not to show. </p>

How do I make an account?

Below we show a step by step to creating an account. You must have a working mobile number to get a OTP ( One Time Password ). This is a security feature to prevent fake sign ups and bot's from making accounts. We do not use your number other than sending the OTP. Click Read more to see video

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