How to pay with eCash at your local retailer

Introducing eCash Payment


eCash is very simple you head to one of the retail stores listed and show the cashier a barcode on your mobile device in which they scan and depoist payment into our bank account.

ecash were to pay

Once you checkout and select eCash your order will stay on hold until you are ready for the Barcode. The Barcode will expire in one hour so you must be ready to show the cashier.

We will also only text message you the barcode during business hours. So if you are at Rite Aid at 9pm and send us a text message you will not get the Barcode, please understand this.

The mobile number to text message to get your Barcode will be shown in the payment details in checkout. We need you to text message ONLY the number with Order # and Retail store you are going to.

This is important not all Barcodes work the same depending on the store will depend on which Barcode you will be generated.


Below is an EXAMPLE of what the barcode looks like Do NOT Use this one it is expired!



Some cashiers might not be fimilar with this payment option. You can tell them you have a barcode to fund your bank account with ECASH. THERE SHOULD BE ZERO FEES DOING THIS.

Once you pay just email us and let us know payment was sent. Make sure to keep the receipt they give you.

We will invoice and ship your order once we verify payment was sent.