What is Kratom extract?

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What is Kratom Extract?


Kratom Extract is made normally from kratom leaf powder even though it can be made from whole leaves or crushed leaves. Typically kratom powder is extracted by a mixture of distilled water and ethanol.

There are a few different ways to make extract. Below is just one method but there are many. Some required very expensive equipment and use various solvents and temperatures.

The water soluble and non water soluble plant constituents can be extracted by using both water and ethanol.

Once the solution is soaked for a week it can be drained off. The powder then can be pressed to remove the remaining liquid and then combined. You will then have a dark liquid menstrum. This solution can be added to a distiller or rotovap to recover the ethanol. Once most of the ethanol is removed your left with a thick extract/resin substance. This can be dried out and then ground into fine powder.

The extract ratios you see on kratom extracts come from starting material to finished material in weight. An example is 20:1. 20 grams of plain leaf kratom powder to 1 grams of finished extract powder. This will not relate into 20 times stronger. You will not remove and capture 100% of all alkoliods in the extract.

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September 2, 2020
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