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Payjoin privacy

Buying Kratom with Payjoin

We have increased our customers privacy by implementing payjoin when using bitcoin. If your wallet is payjoin enabled you can now send bitcoin even more securely.  Payjoin is a generic term for any privacy mechanism where merchants can protect their own and the privacy of their customers by mixing merchant's UTXOs with customer's payment. This has two purposes: It protects the sender by fighting against one of the biggest heuristic used by privacy invading technology: No longer can it be assumed that all the inputs in a transaction belongs to the same entity It allows the receiver to consolidate UTXOs and batch his own payments to economize on-chain fee.
June 24, 2020

How to create an account

To help customers we have made a video showing how to make a new account. You can also read more on the help center about it here For this video and more help questions visit the HELP CENTER

May 20, 2020
Our Altcoin Exchange

Our Altcoin Exchange

We have our own Crypto Exchange which can be seen here  or you can convert an altcoin in the checkout at shown in the image. Either way you have options to convert over 400 crypto's 
February 28, 2020
Welcome to the new website!

Welcome to the new website!

We have just migrated to the new website. We have add many new features for our customers.


  • New rewards points program
  • Free products for purchases over $50 and $100
  • A new help center and community forum
  • New help desk chat with automated bot
  • Security and speed enhancements
  • Affiliate program
  • New Return RMA program
  • New wholesale catagory for our B2B customers


We are always trying to improve the customer experience. This has been a process 8 months in the making. We still have more planned and are consistently working to improve the site. If you notice any issues over the next few weeks let's us know. 


February 15, 2020
tks wholesale small

TKS Wholesale Kratom

We are now offering wholesale kratom for businesses. Please fill out a wholesale application for wholesale access.
February 1, 2020
b2b wholesale small

B2B Wholesale

Wholesale is intended for businesses only and we require a valid EIN to complete the purchase.
January 13, 2020